SM Cellular monitoring for fire and security here and cost savings to monthly monitoring for canceling dedicated phone lines.








Burglar Alarm Systems, Security Systems, Network Cabling, Fire Alarm Systems, Flame Detection Systems, Gas Detection Systems, CCTV Camera Systems (covert & overt, Digital & IP), Mobile Video Camera Systems, GPS Tracking Systems (vehicles, boats, equipment & personnel), Public Address (PA) Systems, Emergency Notification Systems, Access Control Systems (independent & network), School and Facilities Intercom and Communications Systems, Clock and Bell Systems, Fire Extinguishers, Hood Suppression Systems, Agent Release Systems, Fire and Safety Equipment, Alzheimer’s Tracking Systems, Nurse Call Systems, and Patent Status Systems.

Video and Access Control Monitoring, 24/7 System Monitoring for System Services,Critical Condition Monitoring, System Signal Monitoring, Voltage and Level Control, Monitoring, System Supervisory Monitoring, Remote Video Surveillance, End User Cellular System Monitoring, Primary or Back Up.

Fire Alarm Systems, Fire Extinguishers, Kitchen Hood Suppression Systems, Agent Release Systems, Flame and Gas Detection Systems.







Controlling time schedules, arming-dis-arming, remote door locking/unlocking, lighting and environmental.