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Business Analytics & Reporting in Golden Triangle Region, Southeast Texas

Business analytics reporting can provide critical visual and statistical information to help you run your business more efficiently, make smarter decisions around staffing, business hours, energy usage, and more. Advance Systems Alarm Services provides business analytics & reporting services for different cities of the Golden Triangle Region of Southeast Texas. Our easy to understand business reports provide at-a-glance visibility on trends and unexpected activity for your business – whether you have one location or many.

System Analytics Reporting

Benefits of Business Analytics & Reporting

Control Wherever You Go

Our system is integrated with top-rated, easy-to-use free mobile apps to put your business in your hands and at your fingertips.

Wired/Wireless/Wire-free Surveillance System

Wired surveillance cameras use a cable connection to operate, connect to the internet, and record. These cameras are primarily used to monitor large properties.
Wireless surveillance cameras do not require a cable connection for internet and recording, but may still require a cable connection for power.
Wire-Free surveillance cameras are battery-operated cameras that do not need to be plugged in. Wire-free cameras are designed to record only when motion is detected.

Business Analytics

Notifications & Alerts

Get reminders, custom notifications, and alerts when a door is left open or someone is entering or exiting your business.

Visualize Trends: Uncover Activity

With our business analytics & reporting, you can visualize trends and uncover important activities like:

  • Monitor open/close trends for each of your locations.
  • Identify peak periods of activity and customer traffic
  • Pinpoint activity, such as unexpected entry after hours or doors propped, that could cause energy waste or safety concerns.
  • Keep a historic time-stamp of which users disarmed the system.
  • Robust Reporting Platform.

There are many different reporting options that you can avail according to your need and preference:

  • Single-site reporting
  • Multi-site reporting
  • Customizable reporting schedules
  • View data daily, weekly or monthly
  • Easy-to-interface
  • Adaptive Learning
Insight Engine for Business Analytics and Reporting

Insight Engine for Business Analytics & Reporting by ASAS

The value of information lies in utilizing it at the right moment for staying ahead for a successful business and we realize this crucial fact better than our competitors. ASAS’ Insights Engine continually adapts based on user input, data from sensors, activity patterns, and a range of other factors. When the engine detects changes to these factors and determines it could impact business operations or safety, the business owner will be notified.

Business insights play a significant role in analyzing activity trends to make smarter decisions around staffing, promotions, energy use, and more. Easy to understand reports let you quickly see activity patterns across your business and spot unexpected changes.

Why Choose Advanced Systems Alarm Services?

ASAS has earned itself a very respectful position in the customers’ minds since its beginning. Our trained & experienced professionals are dedicated 24/7 at your service in Coldspring, Gallatin, Lindale, Moscow, and other places of the Golden Triangle region of Southeast Texas. They will install any device you need. Just call us today at 409-204-4898 to schedule your appointment.