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Campus Security in Golden Triangle Region, Southeast Texas

Advanced Systems Alarm Services (ASAS) provides the most reliable campus security in Golden Triangle Region, Southeast Texas.

ASAS has dedicated specialists who work with public and private institutions to help identify and address the unique threats faced by schools, colleges, and universities. From high traffic daycare centers to large university campuses, we offer integrated security technologies and systems to help protect students, employees, and campus facilities, providing easy access management for authorized visitors.

Campus Security Systems Provided by ASAS

Campuses, college sports facilities and other educational properties face unique security threats. Our education solution teams possess the knowledge and experience to intelligently plan, install and support campus security solutions that address these threats. This experience comes from working closely with educational institutions and administrators.

Our integrated solutions employ intrusion detection, access control, fire and life safety, and video surveillance technologies, along with management tools to help streamline and enhance campus security operations.

Whether it’s deterring theft, vandalism, and bullying, or ensuring higher levels of personal and public safety, we offer a no-cost comprehensive campus security review to show you what best-in-class security can do for your daycare center, school, school district, college/university, or other educational institution.

Features of Campus Security Systems by ASAS

• 24-hour video monitoring and recording
• Easy-to-manage electronic and biometric access control
• Intrusion detection solutions to protect buildings and facilities
• Solutions for problem areas where students are more likely to fight, smoke, vandalize property, or sneak off campus
• Help ensure appropriate behavior at arrival/dismissal times, between classes, and at lunch periods
• Fire safety solutions to help mitigate and manage natural or man-made disasters
• Web-based, instant alert notification for broadcasting via phone, fax, and email
• Clear Warning alert system to provide emergency responders with fast, accurate information in an emergency

Why Choose Advanced Systems Alarm Services?

Advanced Systems Alarm Services has earned itself a very respectful position in the customers’ minds since its beginning. Our trained & experienced professionals are dedicated 24/7 to your service in Sanger, Westminster, Oakhurst, Nederland, Princeton, and other places of the Golden Triangle region of Southeast Texas. They will install any device you need. Just call us today at 409-204-4898 to schedule your appointment.