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FM-200™ is an effective fire suppression system that stands out from other competitors in the market. Also known as HFC-227ea, is a clean agent fire suppressant for Class A, B, and C fires and meets NFPA Standard 2001 Clean Agent Fire Extinguishing Systems.

A fire triangle consists of oxygen, heat, & the fuel source. FM-200™ works by disrupting this fire triangle, removing one of these 3 factors. This provides efficient results and can extinguish fire concentrations within a matter of seconds.

FM-200™ is an odorless, colorless, liquefied compressed gas that can be used without worrying about oxygen deprivation. It is completely safe for use in occupied spaces, removing the fear of diverse health effects. More advantages of FM-200™ include:
Since FM-200™ is a clean agent that is safe to use near humans, it is safe to install FM-200™ fire suppression systems in occupied environments.

There is no residue left behind after an FM-200™ fire suppression system extinguishes fire, and it is safe for machinery, electronics, and other equipment.

FM-200™ is a slightly affordable alternative to other cleaning agents like 3M™ Novec™ 1230 Fire Protection Fluid.
Compared to other agents like 3M Novec 1230 fluid, FM-200™ requires less of it to put out a fire, so smaller or fewer cylinders are needed.

Protect Your Investment with Advanced Systems Alarm Services

Your home or business is a great piece of investment in your life and a proper fire suppression system is necessary in times of emergency. Advanced Systems Alarm Services is a certified distributor of FM-200 and can help install FM-200™ fire suppression units for both residential and commercial properties in South Texas, North Texas, and the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

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