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Pyro-Chem was developed by Tyco Fire Suppression & Building Products, one of the most trusted names in the fire protection sector. They manufacture top-of-the-line fire protection & suppression equipment for certified companies around the globe.

In fact, Pyro-Chem’s fire suppression systems are extremely fast, effective, and environmentally friendly. It is so good that it leaves no additional residue or damage to even sensitive electronic equipment. Moreover, Pyro-Chem fully complies with the highest industry standards established by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). Making their products one of the most well-known in the market today.

Popular fire suppression & protection products Pyro-Chem specializes in include:
KITCHEN KNIGHT II — Commercial Kitchen Fire Protection
ATTENDANT and ATTENDANT II — Gas Station Fire Protection
MONARCH — Industrial and Paint Spray Booth Protection
Portable Fire Extinguishers
Detection and Control
Agents and Accessories

Advanced Systems Alarms Services is an authorized distributor of Pyro-Chem’s comprehensive line of products for commercial and industrial applications. We provide and even install fire suppression systems across the Golden Triangle region of Southeast Texas as well as North Texas, including the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

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