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24/7 Monitoring Services in Beaumont, Port Arthur & Tyler

Advanced Systems Alarm Services is the most respected 24/7 monitoring service provider in the Golden Triangle Region of Southeast Texas, as well as the cities we serve in East Texas. We provide our customers with the products & services for 24/7 monitoring of their business properties. Our cameras are powered by industry leaders like Honeywell and to ensure quality and trust for achieving a respectful space in the users’ minds.

We serve customers in BeaumontPort ArthurLufkinand throughout our service area in Texas. In addition to our customers in the Golden Triangle area, we also service customers in TylerWhitehouse, and throughout East Texas

24/7 Business Monitoring in Golden Triangle Region

Importance of 24/7 Business Monitoring

24/7 Business Monitoring is just like prevention before a disease breaks out. There is no business owner who hates the idea of crunching money 24/7 from his/her business. But it’s impossible to make your employees work throughout the day. Even if you find other ways to make money all the time, it’s next to impossible to guard your commercial properties round the clock. But the necessity of doing so needs to reasoning. This is why 24/7 business monitoring devices & services are getting so popular everywhere.

In the Golden Triangle Region, as well as throughout East Texas, this purpose is conveniently served by ASAS’s cameras and other alarm systems, patented by Honeywell. While an indoor camera will record moments happening at each corner of the office and save the videos for future usage, the app installed on your phone will allow you access to those HD1080P videos captured by the CCTV cameras.

24/7 Business Monitoring Device

24/7 Commercial Monitoring by ASAS

At ASAS, we take things to a higher standard by making sure nothing comes in the way of ensuring your 24X7 safety by providing our customers with IR Night Vision cameras that enable them to keep a similar high-quality track of the events happening in the entire office premise. These IR night vision cameras are of a similar quality that is used by the military, law enforcement agencies, hunters for hidden-object detection, surveillance, security, navigation, and similar other activities. The common features of security cameras provided by ASAS are:

  • HD 1080p video
  • IR night vision
  • 113-Degree Viewing Angle
  • Maximum resolution of 1920×1080
  • 8mm F1.85 Lens
  • Wireless connectivity
  • 10 Simultaneous Viewers
  • Video Motion Detection for 3 windows, with adjustable sensitivity

Trust Advanced Systems Alarm Services for 24/7 Business Monitoring in Harden & Batson

Being trusted by and reliable to the customers is the biggest achievement for any business entity. Advanced Systems Alarm Services has been achieving this feat with flying colors since the starting of operation. Our trained & experienced professionals are dedicated 24/7 at your service in Batson, Camden, Harden, Lumberton, Pointblank, and other places of the Golden Triangle region of Southeast Texas. They will install any device you need. Just call us today at 409-204-4898 to schedule your appointment.