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Attribute-Based Access Control System in Beaumont, TX

Attribute-based access control system has emerged as the next-generation technology for securing access to business-critical data. It is an authorization and authentication security model that uses attributes, instead of roles, to grant user access.

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How Does The Attribute-Based Access Control System Work?

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Attribute-based access control system examines attributes to make access decisions. These attributes can be divided into 4 main categories:

  • Subject or user attributes: These define the user trying to gain access. Examples include age, username, ID, job role, job title, organization, security clearance, department, etc.
  • Resources or object attributes: The resource or object attributes define the resource being accessed.
  • Environmental attributes: It defines the context of every access attempt. Examples include devices, time, location, etc.
  • Action: The action is what the individual will do with the resource. Examples include transfer, view, read, delete, etc.
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The Finest Access Control Systems Provided by Advanced Systems Alarm Services

Advanced Systems Alarm Services provide some other access control systems besides the attribute-based access control system. They are:

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