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Occupancy/Vacancy Sensor in Beaumont & Port Arthur, TX

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Sensing Technology

Importance of Occupancy/Vacancy Sensors by Advanced Systems

Occupancy and vacancy sensors are devices that detect when a room or area is unoccupied and automatically turn OFF (or dim) the lights, thereby saving energy. The device also turns the light ON automatically upon detecting the presence of people, providing convenience and protection. According to the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, occupancy-based strategies can produce average lighting energy savings of 24%.

Due to their relative simplicity and high energy-savings potential, coupled with energy code mandates, these sensors are a staple in new construction. They are also a common control feature in retrofit projects.

Ideal Places for Installing Occupancy/Vacancy Sensors

Types of Sensing Technology

The most common single-technology methods are passive infrared (PIR) and ultrasonic (US). Dual-technology (DT) sensors combine PIR with ultrasonic or acoustic sensing.

Other methods include microwave sensors, which emit low-power microwaves and detect changes in occupancy, and camera-based sensors, which take multiple images of the coverage area per second. Researchers are now exploring even more ways to detect occupants, such as light-differential sensing.

Occupancy/Vacancy Sensors

Places for an Occupancy/Vacancy Sensor

Occupancy and vacancy sensors are ideally suited for installation in:

  • Smaller enclosed spaces
  • Larger spaces using zoned/networked lighting
  • Offices with an unpredictable work schedule
  • Spaces that are unoccupied for multiple hours per day
  • Stairwells, corridors, and places where lighting is needed but are frequently unoccupied

Ideal applications include offices, classrooms, copy rooms, restrooms, storage areas, conference rooms, warehouse aisles, break rooms, corridors, and filing areas.

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