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Panic Button Installation in Beaumont, Tyler, & Port Arthur

Panic Button Installation in Golden Triangle Region, Southeast Texas

Every homeowner and business owner wants to provide a safe environment for residents and guests. Therefore, every homeowner should evaluate the level of risk and vulnerability in their home to determine if a panic button is needed. Advanced Systems Alarm Services (ASAS) offers panic button installation and repair services for customers in BeaumontTylerWhitehouseLufkin, and other Texas cities that we serve.

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What is a Panic Button?

A panic button is a strategically placed or hidden button that automatically alerts police to an emergency situation. These buttons are small and usually placed in a discreet location, like just under the lip of a desk or retail counter. It’s important to place buttons in locations where the residents will likely be at the time of a situation. When a robber yells “freeze” a resident should be able to quickly hit the button without anyone noticing. On-duty police in the area will be dispatched to your location immediately.

Should a Panic Alarm be Silent?

Should a Panic Alarm be Silent

The next question to ask is if your home should have a silent panic button or one that sounds an alarm. That is a choice each homeowner must make. Do you want a culprit to hear the siren and potentially try to make a run for it? Or is it preferable to have police arrive unexpectedly and catch the criminal off guard? 

It’s critical that each homeowner evaluate whether a silent alarm or audible siren makes the most sense in his or her household. On a corporate level, the requirement varies from institution to institution. If there is a perpetrator on a school campus or industrial complex, it might make more sense to have an audible siren that warns others of potential danger. In a retail bank or convenience store, a silent alarm could potentially avoid further exasperating the situation. Ultimately, deciding between a siren and a silent panic button depends on the business and potential risk scenarios at hand.

Why Choose Advanced Systems to Install Your Panic Button in Tyler & Beaumont?

For years, ASAS has been viewed as the go-to company for security-related needs among homeowners and business owners in BeaumontTylerLufkin, and other cities within our Texas-based service area. When you need our products and services, give us a call at 409-204-4898 or click here to schedule your appointment today!