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Fire Alarm, Security & Automation System in Argyle

Argyle, located in Denton County in the State of Texas, has 91% lower crime rates compared to other Texas communities. Despite statistics, property crime can occur anywhere, any time, and ensuring your home or business safety and security should be a top priority no matter the location.

Advances System Alarm Services has the ability to find the ideal security system that suits your requirements and budget. Our specialty is customizing security and automation services for our customers.

Along with residential customers, we can customize to any commercial project. For years, we have helped both home and business owners with alarm services, access control services, or automation services to meet their needs. Dial 409-204-4898 or click here to contact us.

Is Argyle A Safe Place to Live?

Argyle is 87% safer than other U.S. cities according to FBI statistics. According to the 1-to-100 rating in Best Places for property crime (100 the worst), Argyle has a 12.7 rating. FBI crime data analyzed by Neighborhood Scout says one in 258 residents are susceptible to property crime. With high-quality, advanced security systems provided by ASAS, your home or business is safe and secure under our watchful eyes.

Secure Your Home & Business in Argyle with ASAS

Our certified and trained security representatives will provide top-quality equipment, along with assisting you throughout the process of installation, making it absolutely hassle-free. We are a family-owned company offering you personalized services to meet your specific security and automation requirements while using the latest technology and tools.

Among all the services we provide a few of them are:

We understand the urgency of security needs, so our instant response system is ready to assist you whenever you need our help.

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