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Fire Sprinkler Systems in Golden Triangle Region, Southeast Texas

The fire sprinkler systems from Advanced Systems Alarm Services (ASAS) is the most reliable one in the Golden Triangle Region, Southeast Texas. We can help you meet your most vital mission: safety.

Effective fire suppression is a multifaceted challenge that demands a wealth of products, systems, and knowledge. We have long been a leader in this vital element of helping to protect people and property. We have been delivering expertise, innovations, and services to our customers ever since we started our operation.

Today we, at ASAS, manufacture, configure, and install an unmatched range of fire sprinkler systems including sprinklers & valves, extinguishers & agents, special hazards systems, related components, and fittings. We serve large, multi-site projects through a network of design centers of excellence. We provide software that helps users design and configure systems to meet their unique requirements.

Who Needs Fire Sprinkler Systems?

Fire sprinkler systems are designed to detect and suppress fires quickly to minimize damage, clean-up, and downtime. Such systems are typically used to protect:

• Financial records
• Server rooms
• Health care records
• Museums and collectibles

Homes and businesses with high-value assets or property that would be permanently damaged by traditional water-based fire protection systems benefit from fire sprinkler systems. These systems deploy clean agents instead of water, effectively removing the heat from the fire without causing damage to your valuable equipment.

Why Choose Advanced Systems Alarm Services?

Advanced Systems Alarm Services has earned itself a very respectful position in the customers’ minds since its beginning. Our trained & experienced professionals are dedicated 24/7 to your service in Coldspring, Gallatin, Lindale, Moscow, and other places of the Golden Triangle region of Southeast Texas. They will install any device you need. Just call us today at 409-204-4898 to schedule your appointment.