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Fire Suppression System for Industrial Park in Beaumont & Tyler, TX

A fire causes not only damage to your business place but can be an extremely traumatic experience as well. Your valuable things with necessary documents may get ruin, and the devastating loss that occurs may leave permanent damage to your business. So every business owner would want to protect their business in one way or another.

Here, at ASAS, you can count on us for your fire suppression service. We have the right people and equipment to control and stop the fire from spreading and causing substantial damage to your business.

A fire suppression system can be beneficial for the following-
Data storage & computer/server rooms
Tax & financial records
Health care records
Historical sites
Collectibles & Antiques
Industrial equipment

So, if you live in Alto, Nederland, Bridge City, Whitehouse or surrounding areas then contact us and protect your business now. Contact us online or call us at 409-204-4898 today, and our team will instantly respond to you for taking prompt action.

Types of Agents Used in Port Neches & Whithouse for Fire Suppression

Fire suppression systems use different types of extinguishing and suppressing agents-

Clean Agent- This type of fire extinguishing agent is electrically non-conductive, volatile or gaseous. They won't leave any residue or buildup after they evaporate. When a fire accident occurs then a clean agent fire suppression system is sprayed which is stored in a container as gas or chemical. They are normally placed where sensitive equipment or materials are kept, such as server rooms, telecommunications rooms, rooms with medical equipment, museums, and any other enclosures that may get highly affected by the fire.

CO2- CO2 systems use a huge amount of CO2 gas to extinguish a fire. CO2 fire extinguisher works by displacing the oxygen the fire needs for it to burn. It is not much safe for humans. 


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We care about our valuable customers and that's why we believe in a custom made solution of security for their business and home. Our customers rely on us greatly and we have no intentions of letting them down. Our instant response system is something to look forward to and also no one can provide you such impeccable service efficiently within our price range. Our service cover a wide range of your needs including home security systems, home automation, CCTV cameras installation, motion detectors etc.

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