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Fire Alarm Installation for Restaurants in Beaumont & Tyler

Fire Alarm for Restaurants in Golden Triangle Region, Southeast Texas

Restaurants include a wide array of eateries, from fast-food places to award-winning, Michelin-starred, fine dining establishments. Regardless of its scope, a restaurant is divided into two principal areas: the dining room and the kitchen. The kitchen area presents a fire risk that could endanger the entire restaurant, making it essential to install a fire alarm system for protection.

Fortunately, the proven professionals at Advanced Systems Alarm Services (ASAS) provide the most reliable fire alarms and the most advanced fire suppression technology needed to contain any fire at your restaurant in BeaumontTylerWhitehouseLufkin, and other Texas cities that we serve. When you need our products and services, give us a call at 409-204-4898 or click here to schedule your appointment today!

Fire and Safety Equipment by Advanced Systems Alarm Services

Protecting your home or business from a fire is critical for the safety of your loved ones or employees & inventory. That is why we offer a variety of options to customers in our service area to help monitor and put out a fire if one should ever start. The important features of fire alarm equipment by ASAS are:

  • Fire Extinguishers
  • Fire & Smoke Detectors
  • Fire Alarm Systems
  • Flame Detection Systems
  • Gas Detection Systems
  • Fire Alarms

Fire Prevention Accessories by ASAS

Fire Prevention Accessories

At ASAS, we provide fire & safety services and product solutions for your commercial business. Our products are patented by industry leaders like Popular accessories include:

  • Fire Extinguishers
  • Service Parts
  • Chemicals
  • Cabinets
  • Covers and Accessories
  • Fire Hose
  • Nozzles
  • Brass & Hose Valves
  • Emergency Response Products
  • Sprinkler Accessories
  • Standpipe Equipment
  • Fire Alarm and System Products
  • Safety Equipment & Products
  • First Aid Products
  • Exit and Emergency Lighting
  • • Signs & Labels
  • Service Equipment
  • Restaurant System Parts

Why Choose Advanced Systems Alarm Services for Your Fire Alarm in Beaumont?

Our security professionals are dedicated 24/7 at your service in BeaumontLiberty, Newton, Trinity, Warren, Zavalla, and other cities we serve throughout Texas. Our certified technicians can install any device you need. Call us today at 409-204-4898 to learn about our products and services or click here to schedule your appointment today!