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Wireless Intercom System in Golden Triangle Region, Southeast Texas

Intercom systems are a great way for homeowners and business owners to know who is at the door and gain convenient two-way room-to-room communication.

Advanced Systems Alarm Services (ASAS) provides installation & concerned services for wireless intercom systems in Golden Triangle Region, Southeast Texas. Our highly trained staff monitor key areas of your property, on a 24/7 basis on each day of the year, to help prevent crimes before they happen.

Pros & Cons of a Wireless Intercom System

Despite the reliability and clarity of a hard-wired system, wireless intercom systems have largely dominated the market in recent years due to their low cost and ease of use. Instead of having a crew come to your business or home and knock down walls to install wires, just open the box, charge the batteries and it’s ready to use.

Wireless intercom systems rely on radio frequencies to communicate. Most modern solutions connect to the internet either through Wi-Fi or data connection like 3G, while some work as two-way radios.

The main issue that plagues wireless systems is distance. Wi-Fi signal and radio frequencies have a limited range. If your front door is too far away from your home’s router, the signal might not be strong enough for the intercom system to work effectively. Systems that rely on radio frequencies can sometimes have interference, like hearing other people on a walkie-talkie. Wireless systems are also the least secure, as they’re the easiest to hack.

Benefits of Intercom System

Installing home intercom systems in a home allows homeowners to screen visitors, and provides enhanced protection at the door. Intercom systems for homes also enable family members to conveniently communicate from different rooms throughout the home—from wherever they are.

Commercial intercom systems are also a great security solution for small or mid-sized business owners, for enhancing security at their place of business and deterring crime and theft. Intercom systems for businesses allow business owners, managers, and employees to screen visitors, and provide two-way communication from various rooms throughout the facility.

Intercom System Installation Services by ASAS

The intercom system installation experts at Advanced Systems Alarm Services will oversee your home or business intercom systems installation from beginning to end.

We offer professional and comprehensive intercom services—from site assessment to installation, and system and settings documentation.
Our intercom system installation services experts can help you determine the best video, voice, and wireless intercom systems that meet your home or business security needs. Our installation Services Include:

• Installation – voice, video, wireless
• Site Assessment – We will conduct a thorough site assessment to determine where to mount the master station, along with how many intercom stations you will need based on your building blueprint.
• Configuration – Our security experts will configure all of the local wire and electric outlets needed for installing your intercom system.
• Documentation and Archiving – We’ll provide a diagram of your system and intercom stations, product documentation, and archiving of systems settings.
• Maintenance and Support – Even after your intercom system installation, our security experts can provide ongoing maintenance and support.

Why Choose Advanced Systems Alarm Services?

Advanced Systems Alarm Services has earned itself a very respectful position in the customers’ minds since its beginning. Our trained & experienced professionals are dedicated 24/7 to your service in Coldspring, Gallatin, Lindale, Moscow, and other places of the Golden Triangle region of Southeast Texas. They will install any device you need. Just call us today at 409-204-4898 to schedule your appointment.